THAW Rechargeable Hand Warmer

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The dual purpose USB-C rechargeable Hand Warmer and Power Bank by THAW™ It's built to keep you warm and your USB powered devices charged. With double-sided heat, your hands will stay toasty no matter what the elements throw at you.


Rechargeable Hand Warmers by THAW are a critical accessory to have on you when you're facing the harsh reality of the elements. These USB-C rechargeable, portable devices will keep you warm whether you're high up in the mountains hitting the slopes or simply out for a walk in the middle of winter.

  • High (138⁰ F / 59⁰ C): 5 Hours
  • Medium (125⁰ F / 52⁰ C): 7 Hours
  • Low (111⁰ F / 44⁰ C): 8 Hours


Small - 3.86" (H) X 2.17" (W) X 1.18" (D)