Monadnock Autolock Patrol Kit

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Three amazing tools in one complete package!


The Autolock Baton:  

The compact Autolock is designed with a revolutionary cam and ball bearing action, and can be carried comfortably at all times. Once opened, it stays locked until you collapse it with the push of a button.


The Front Draw Holder: 

Made from durable polycarbonate, with a clip-on back. The 360 degree design features 8 locking positions. Tension springs hold the baton in place, yet allows quick drawing of the baton from all postions. Re-holster the baton open or closed.


The Hindi Baton Cap

Baton retention is key to staying in the fight. The Hindi baton cap keeps your baton in your hands by providing a firm grip for maximum control. The larger end cap helps to locate your baton by touch on a full duty belt for quick drawing and is easy to pick up, even in gloved hands.