Magpul® DAKA™ CAN

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Originally designed to house and protect Magpul Eyewear, the DAKA™ Can is a rugged, weather and dust-resistant, high strength polymer storage solution.  Soft-surfaced high-density foam completely lines the interior of the DAKA Can, ensuring lenses, electronics, and other important items remain secure and out of the elements. The top-loading DAKA Can lid closes securely with an audible snap and helps protect your valuable gear from dirt, dust, and moisture. The DAKA Can makes a great crush-resistant storage solution for a wide range of personal needs, to include use as a snakebite kit, travel toolbox, loose ammunition storage, personal hygiene kit, and more.


  • Durable external reinforced rib design on a high strength injection-molded polymer body
  • Rigid shell construction provides protection against bumps and abrasions
  • Crush, dust, chemical, UV and weather resistant
  • Protective positive-friction lid closure that's reinforced with a steel hinge pin
  • Internal protection with a soft-surfaced high-density foam lining


External height: 6.4 inches, Internal height: 6 inches

External width: 2.5 inches, Internal width: 2.11 inches

External length: 2.7 inches, Internal length: 2.11 inches

Internal volume: 26.43 in³

Weight: .23lbs or 3.68oz