HOGUE HANDALL Universal Grip Sleeve 17000

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 Hogue HANDALL ® grip sleeves are scientifically designed with a special contoured shape that hugs the contours of your gun. This exclusive shape gives a secure fit with no loose spots, giving HANDALL the tightest and most secure fit to your gun possible. Our special shape is far superior to any simple "tube" sleeve. Hogue HANDALL features include: proportioned finger grooves, our unique cobblestone texture and ambidextrous PALM SWELLS for the ultimate in a comfortable, non-slip surface.

The HANDALL now fits new Glocks with finger groves. The HANDALL has been improved. It now has recesses included on the inside of the grip, allowing it to fit the new Glock models with finger grooves, as well as older models.

The original full size HANDALL fits most medium to full size semi auto pistols. Including all Glock Models, full size and compact. In fact the unique HANDALL shape allows it to fit over 40 different semi auto handguns! 

Do not use firearms with grip safeties such as Colt .45 style pistols or Para Ordnance frames.


• Astra: A-100, Constable II*
• Beretta: PX 4 Storm Full, PX4 Storm Inox, PX4 Storm Compact & Subcompact*
• Browning: Buckmark, Challenger II, BDA*
• Colt: Double Eagle
• Daewoo: DP51
• FNH: FiveSeven, FNS-40C*, FNP-9, FNP-40, FNP-45
• GLOCK: 17, 17L, 18, 19, 20, 21, 22, 23, 24, 25, 26*, 27*, 28*, 29*, 30*, 31, 32, 33*, 34, 35, 37, 38, 39*, 40, 41
• Heckler & Koch: VP 70-Z, HK 45/Tactical, HK 45 Compact/Tactical, Mark 23, P2000, USP, USP Compact*/Tactical
• Intratec: TECDC9, TEC22
• KBI: BK, Compact GKK-92C
• Kel-Tec: PLR-16, PLR-22, PMR-30, Sub-2000
• Magnum Research: Baby Desert Eagle II Polymer Pistols, Baby Desert Eagle II Steel Pistols, Makarov
• Ruger: P85, P89, P90, P91, P93, P94, P95, P97, P345
• Smith & Wesson: M&P 45, M&P 9C*, M&P 40C*, M&P45C*, Sigma 9mm, Sigma 40, SD9, SD40, SD9 VE, SD40 VE
• Sarsilmaz: 136, ST10, K2-45
• SIG SAUER: P220, P225, P226, Mosquito, P227, MK25, P210, SP 2340*
• Steyr: GB
• Taurus: 24/7(and G2 Variant) Full Size, 24/7 C*, 809C*, 840C*, 809, 840, 845, PT945
• Walther: P38, P88, P1
• Zastava: 99