GreenBeam 100 - Green Laser Pointer

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GreenBeam 100 - Green Laser Pointer

Waterproof Green Laser Pointer

New field ready Tactical GreenBeam laser pointer giving true daylight visibility allows rapid deploying teams to accurately communicate critical target and obstacle positions.
When your message must be perfectly clear, a visual aid you can count on becomes a vital tool. Our 532 nm wavelength GreenBeam laser pointer provides 100 meters of daylight visibility and a 1 mile nighttime range 


1. 532nm green laser beam at 1 mile nighttime range.
2. 20 times brighter than red laser sights.
3. Visible in broad daylight.
4. Durable Aerospace-grade aluminum housing with hard anodized finish.
5. Powered by one CR123A battery that provides 4 hours continuous use.
6. Shock resistant and water resistant.

 Available colors:  Black (type III hard anodized)
 Dimensions (L x ?:  5.63"(L)x1.0"(?
 Weight:  5.75 oz.(including batt.)
 Construction:  Aerospace-grade Aluminum
 Battery Life:  4 Hrs./ CR123A x1
 Wavelength / Range:  532 nm / 1 mile(nighttime range)
 Operation:  on/off switch
 Power:  <5mW, Class IIIa
 Dot Size:  Smaller than 2" precision dot @ 100 yards
  Water resistant