GERBER DOUBLEDOWN Silver Blade with Black Handle

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The American-made DoubleDown Folding Machete is an outdoor tool that delivers never-before-seen function with an innovative design. Folding up to half its size, the DoubleDown can easily stow in a pack, on a belt, or attached to MOLLE. The unique design allows the user 3 distinct functions in one compact package: chop, cut, and baton. A patent-pending 4 lock system engages in 3 positions to ensure safe operation under varying levels of stress.


  • 420HC recurve blade
  • QuadLock locking system
  • Two handling positions
  • Baton jimping
  • Stability bar
  • Overstrike guard
  • MOLLE or belt-carry sheath
  • Limited lifetime warranty
  • The Doubledown is unlike any other tool on the market. It combines the features of a knife, machete and hatchet all in one compact package. During development we obsessed over durability, knowing that it needs to withstand years of impact while still delivering finesse.
  • The Doubledown is designed for 3 essential functions: chopping, splitting, and core knife work.

    • For splitting tasks, we added jimping to the spine of the blade so that when batoning, maximum energy is transferred straight into the wood.
    • Whether you’re chopping brush or small trees, the extended length of the Doubledown optimizes force and impact.
    • For core knife work, choking up on the handle gives complete control over the slightly recurve blade

    The Quad-lock system is both safe and intuitive, with a built-in stop for added safety, and the Doubledown’s multi-mount sheath can be attached to a belt or MOLLE webbing.

    This hybrid tool is proudly made in the USA, and ready for the outdoors.


    Patent pending quad lock system engages in 3 positions ensuring safe and intuitive operation.

    • All 4 locks must be engaged to operate
    • Built-in safety stop
    • User can clear fingers from path of blade

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