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After decades of consistently raising the bar on expandable baton design, construction and performance, ASP has found a way to outdo themselves. Like their original and proven Talon design, these batons open decisively with a quick upward or downward flick—or quietly, with fingertip extension—and close directly into the scabbard or hand, with a push of the end cap or button. But with the Infinity family, they have reduced moving parts for greater precision, strength and long-term dependability. They have incorporated exclusive materials and construction to ensure faster, smoother deployment and retraction, while eliminating the need for routine lubrication. And ASP has backed it all up with the unprecedented Infinity Warranty:

If your ASP Talon has the laser-engraved Infinity icon (∞) on its nose cone, ASP will repair or replace the baton if it fails for any reason, at any time, forever.

40cm (~16")

• Retracted Length: 7.06"
• Weight (Steel): 16.3 ounces
• 4140 Steel
• Diameter: 1.06"
50cm (~20")
• Retracted Length: 8.25"
• Weight (Steel): 18.3 ounces
• 4140 Steel
• Diameter: 1.06"
60cm (~24")
• Retracted Length: 9.63"
• Weight (Steel): 21.4 ounces
• 4140 Steel
• Diameter: 1.06"