ASP Grip cap (Talon) 52935

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The ASP Grip Cap improves the retention of a Talon Baton during dynamic field use. This unique design replaces the standard tactical cap on all ASP expandable batons. The Grip Cap improves the balance, increases the reach and enhances the retention potential of the ASP Baton. The Grip Cap is ideal for cold, wet or crowded tactical environments where baton retention is difficult.

Compatible with all ASP Talon (T Series) Batons, the Grip Cap features a flared design, improving retention in dynamic situations and wet environments. Its flattened surfaces prevents it from rolling away when set down or dropped.
The design of the Grip Cap employs an enlarged angular rear extension to retain an expandable baton under extreme conditions. The Grip Cap was originally designed for marine personnel and boarding parties working in harsh salt spray environments. The cap has since been shown to provide superior baton retention during all tactical activities.

Only for Use with Talon Series batons.