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Super Bright LED Garage and Attic Light Fits in Standard 60W Socket

Never deal with a dimly-lit garage, basement, or attic again. The High Bright 9000 LED garage light shines with 9,000 lumens of brilliance, and it fits standard household light sockets. Just screw it in, turn it on, and adjust each of the four LED light panels up to 90° to direct the light where you want it. It’s a utility light that’s brighter than bright. With just a 60-watt power draw and a coverage area of 860 square feet, the High Bright 9000 LED garage light from NEBO is extremely efficient and sure to meet your needs.

Investing in LED garage lights will make your garage much more functional and safe. Not only do these lights provide superior illumination to work by, but they also reduce glare and help to cut down on eye strain, whether you’re putting together a workbench or working on your car. With their long-lasting efficiency and high lumen output, LED garage lights are by far the most practical choice for any garage or attic space. If you're looking to upgrade your garage lighting setup, look no further than the powerful and convenient advantages of the High Bright 9000 from NEBO.

90° of Versatility

If you need to direct more light to a certain area, the HIGH BRIGHT 9000 garage light features four LED panels that adjust up to 90°. Plus, it easily screws into a standard household light socket – no rewiring, no worries.

1100% More Light

The HIGH BRIGHT 9000 LED garage light only uses 60W but throws 1100% more light than a standard 60W bulb. That’s not only bright - it’s smartly efficient. This 9,000 lumen LED garage light is more than just a replacement for your 60 watt incandescent; it's the perfect upgrade!