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LD42, 4 AA High-output flashlight with Mechanical rotary switch 1000 lumens maximum output. Outstanding long-range beam which is able to locate the target from distance - a big help in night lighting and searching.With a patented technique of rotary mode switching, users are able to easily switch between 5 intensity levels. The mechanical side switch features strong anti-interference capability, which is safer for use.

Size    6.28" x 1.34" x 1.28"

Weight    3.53 oz (excluding batteries)

Battery Type    Four AA (Ni-MH/alkaline) Batteries


  • 1000 lumens maximum output
  • 350 meters maximum beam distance
  • 130 hours 20 minutes maximum runtime
  • Rapid rotary mode switching
  • 4 AA batteries , Easy to be obtained
  • No standby current - safe and cost-efficient
  • Flat body offers a comfortable holding
  • IP68 rated protection, able to work in extreme environments
  • Lightweight and compact companion